Who Is This Creature

This adorable cephalopod (octopus) captivated us and it has become our mascot. Why? The first thing that caught our eye was, well, the eye. As an insurance company that is owned by our policyholders, we have been keeping a watchful eye out on behalf of our owners for thirty years, enabling best practices in risk and claims management.

And who wouldn't want an extra arm, or eight? We know that our owners are busy doing what they do best — providing health care services. Our job is to act as an extension of their organization, reaching deep into the areas of our expertise.

The cephalopod is one of the most adaptable and long-lived species on the planet. Likewise, CHI is the longest continually-operating health care professional liability insurance company in California.

And lastly, we were captivated by our mascot’s smile. Talk to any of our owners and you will hear that we are a very friendly bunch. While people don't usually think of insurance as a fun part of their business, the team at Optima has put a smile on many faces.


New Depths


30 Years, and Still Making a Positive Difference in Health Care

Back in the 1980s, the stormy seas of the health care professional liability market were ruled by one dominant predator. Then, a new species emerged.

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30 Years Ago...

Before 1988 and the formation of California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention Group (CHI), independent and community hospitals were adrift when it came to professional liability insurance. The marketplace was monopolized by one dominant carrier leaving independent hospitals floundering, with no choice but to pay their exorbitantly high premiums.

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The Heart of CHI

At the very heart of CHI’s 30-year existence is the relentless effort to reduce risk, improve quality of care and effectively manage claims. The successful implementation of these tenets has driven CHI’s success and will continue to be the focus of innovative initiatives in the decades to come.


In 2014, Optima management embarked upon a project to memorialize CHI’s differentiating factors. The project entailed staff and management participation, as well as several of CHI’s key partners. The end result was an acronym — CORE. Core means Culture + Ownership = Results. The information below is the culmination of the project:


  • Founded on the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Trust
  • “Wow” service that is exceptional and over-the-top
  • Making a positive difference in health care
  • Opportunity to be involved in running the company
  • Unique and flexible solutions
  • Potential rebates to owners as profits stay within the company
  • Fair pricing based on each owner’s individual loss history
  • Proven success for over 30 years
  • Risk Management initiatives that enhance clinical outcomes and care
  • Claims Management services that are proactive, strong and defense-minded
  • Fewer claims and lower liability costs

An Eye to the Future

Leveraging Our Strength, While Protecting Our Unique Character

As CHI moves into future decades, it does so from a position of strength. CHI has a unique culture and approach to the industry that has proven successful for over 30 years.

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Financial Highlights

California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., RRG (updated 9/19)

Renewal Retention

Consistent 95%+ Retention Ratio

CHI lost four owners due to affiliations or closures.

CHI added two new owners: Memorial Hospital of Converse County (Wyoming), Foundation Health (Alaska)


of all CHI owners have been part of the program for more than 10 years

Statuatory Basis (Unaudited)

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Admitted Assets $128,756,006 $127,733,866 $127,178,729 $124,362,141 $120,724,745
Policyholders’ Surplus $62,528,656 $57,996,672 $58,339,105 $55,340,643 $52,919,592
Loss & LAE Reserves $47,094,674 $50,610,337 $50,052,000 $50,245,049 $51,264,706
Total Open Claims/Suits 313 312 316 318 337
Net Premiums Earned $16,830,189 $17,655,017 $15,303,468 $14,350,331 $16,998,163
Net Income, After Taxes $2,881,236 $3,301,681 $2,672,753 $1,233,966 $3,839,748
Combined Ratio* 94.7% 92.8% 98.1% 98.4% 98.2%
Operating Ratio** 80.1% 76.8% 86.8% 82.9% 80.6%
Number of Policyholders 37 39 36 35 36
CHI Stock Price Per Share $37 $36 $34 $32 $31

* Combined Ratio measures a company's overall underwriting profitability. A combined ratio of less than 100% indicates an underwriting profit.

** Operating Ratio measures a company’s overall operational profitability from underwriting and investment activities. An operating ratio of less than 100% indicates a company is able to generate profits from its underwriting and investment activities.

$41 MILLION Returned to our owners

Our People

As a rule, the octopus is not a very social animal. And that is where our mascot differs from his team. The staff of CHI/Optima and our Board of Directors rule the reefs in perfect harmony, with a personal commitment and total dedication to our owners. If you are already a CHI owner, you know these smiling faces. If you are thinking of jumping in, here is the pod you will be swimming with.

Meet Our Crew