Who Is This Creature

This adorable cephalopod (octopus) captivated us and it has become our mascot. Why? The first thing that caught our eye was, well, the eye. As an insurance company that is owned by our policyholders, we have been keeping a watchful eye out on behalf of our owners for thirty years, enabling best practices in risk and claims management.

And who wouldn't want an extra arm, or eight? We know that our owners are busy doing what they do best — providing health care services. Our job is to act as an extension of their organization, reaching deep into the areas of our expertise.

The cephalopod is one of the most adaptable and long-lived species on the planet. Likewise, CHI is the longest continually-operating health care professional liability insurance company in California.

And lastly, we were captivated by our mascot’s smile. Talk to any of our owners and you will hear that we are a very friendly bunch. While people don't usually think of insurance as a fun part of their business, the team at Optima has put a smile on many faces.


Educational Initiatives


Educational Initiatives

Optimizing Best Practices and Reducing Risk

CHI proactively introduces educational initiatives aimed at optimizing best practices and reducing risk. These initiatives come in the form of live, on-site training; online tools; exclusive publications and webinars. The topics are critical to the issues of the day. Currently, health care entities are experiencing a spike in employment practices liability (EPL) claims. To address this increase, Optima has created an EPL claims benchmarking report to show their owners how they are doing as compared to their peers. In addition, the CHI Board adopted an EPL risk management initiative, aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of employment practices claims. Best practices information, webinars, educational resources and publications are available to support efforts to manage this growing risk.

“The CHI team continually evolves to meet our needs and is always rolling out new products and initiatives to rein in losses.” adds Richard Yochum, President/CEO, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. “Their work helped us establish best practices in our OB department and that was a huge win/win for patients and our organization. Now they are teaming with us in the same way with educational initiatives on opiate issues and employment practice liability.”\