Who Is This Creature

This adorable cephalopod (octopus) captivated us and it has become our mascot. Why? The first thing that caught our eye was, well, the eye. As an insurance company that is owned by our policyholders, we have been keeping a watchful eye out on behalf of our owners for thirty years, enabling best practices in risk and claims management.

And who wouldn't want an extra arm, or eight? We know that our owners are busy doing what they do best — providing health care services. Our job is to act as an extension of their organization, reaching deep into the areas of our expertise.

The cephalopod is one of the most adaptable and long-lived species on the planet. Likewise, CHI is the longest continually-operating health care professional liability insurance company in California.

And lastly, we were captivated by our mascot’s smile. Talk to any of our owners and you will hear that we are a very friendly bunch. While people don't usually think of insurance as a fun part of their business, the team at Optima has put a smile on many faces.


An Eye to the Future


An Eye to the Future

Leveraging Our Strength, While Protecting Our Unique Character

As CHI moves into future decades, it does so from a position of strength. CHI has a unique culture and approach to the industry that has proven successful for over 30 years. CHI’s loyal ownership base is a distinctive source of its strength. Strong and stable financial results have built the foundation of an excellent reputation within the industry. The opportunity for continued success and growth is certainly at hand.

Such opportunities for growth, however, will be focused through the lens of CHI’s core mission — Making a Positive Difference in Health Care — by delivering value and treating owners as true partners.

From a long term strategic perspective, CHI will explore offering professional liability policies with higher limits and retaining more of the risk per claim. Done in conjunction with best practices in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and claims management, these changes could bring additional earnings and, thus, a bigger return to CHI’s owners.

Additionally, CHI is in the process of developing an integrated liability policy that will ultimately include expanded liability coverages such as directors and officers liability (D&O), fiduciary liability, pollution liability and cyber liability insurance. Again, providing additional optional liability coverages on the CHI policy will keep profits in-house, simplify insurance requirements for owners and provide another source of returns for owners.

Externally, CHI is looking beyond California’s borders to find new and like-minded health care entities to grow its base. CHI already does business in Nevada and has registered in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Expansion into new territories could improve CHI efficiencies and increase the collective strength of its owners. Growth in other states will allow CHI owners to expand their sphere of knowledge, increasing their ability to adapt to whatever changes the future might bring.

The value CHI provides helps health care entities protect their assets in the changing reimbursement market. By conservative estimates, CHI has saved its owners hundreds of millions of dollars in the last 30 years through competition and effective claims and risk management. And, owners can expect continued value from the CHI of the future.