Who Is This Creature

This adorable cephalopod (octopus) captivated us and it has become our mascot. Why? The first thing that caught our eye was, well, the eye. As an insurance company that is owned by our policyholders, we have been keeping a watchful eye out on behalf of our owners for thirty years, enabling best practices in risk and claims management.

And who wouldn't want an extra arm, or eight? We know that our owners are busy doing what they do best — providing health care services. Our job is to act as an extension of their organization, reaching deep into the areas of our expertise.

The cephalopod is one of the most adaptable and long-lived species on the planet. Likewise, CHI is the longest continually-operating health care professional liability insurance company in California.

And lastly, we were captivated by our mascot’s smile. Talk to any of our owners and you will hear that we are a very friendly bunch. While people don't usually think of insurance as a fun part of their business, the team at Optima has put a smile on many faces.


Our People


Our People

Board of Directors 2019–2020

  • Diane Abbett

    Optima Healthcare Insurance Services

  • Jonathon Andrus

    Fairchild Medical Center

  • Lorriane P. Auerbach
    President & CEO

    Dameron Hospital Association

  • Dan F. Ausman

    Methodist Hospital of Southern California

  • Alice Cheng

    Beverly Hospital

  • James Holmes

    Redlands Community Hospital

  • B. Konard Jones

    NorthBay Healthcare Corporation

  • Todd Murch


  • Tim Nylen
    Vice President

    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

  • Karen Paolinelli

    Madera Community Hospital

  • Clint Purvance, MD

    Barton Healthcare System

  • Roger Seaver
    President & CEO

    Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

  • Roger Sharma
    Executive Vice President/CFO

    Emanate Health

  • Robert J. Wentz

    Oroville Hospital

  • Mike Wiltermood

    Enloe Medical Center

  • Richard Yochum

    Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

CHI/Optima Staff

  • 1988

    Julie Jackson

    Chief Operating Officer

  • 1988

    Jenny Sula

    Risk Management Services Coordinator

  • 1993

    Diane Abbett

    President/Chief Executive Officer

  • 1998

    Marie Perryman

    Senior Claims Specialist

  • 1999

    Crystal Cooper

    Senior Claims Specialist

  • 1999

    Bonnie Elder-Garcia

    Senior Account Manager

  • 2000

    Anne Smith

    Underwriting Assistant

  • 2003

    Millie Mastromattei

    Risk Management Education Director

  • 2003

    Regina Vukson

    Senior Risk Management Consultant

  • 2004

    Jim Williams

    SVP, Claims

  • 2005

    Sambo Ou

    Administrative Assistant

  • 2006

    Anton Damiano

    Information Technology Director

  • 2008

    Jeff Dueck

    Vice President Account Management/Chief Financial Officer

  • 2013

    Shaun Kerr

    Underwriting Director

  • 2013

    Daleen Murray

    Senior Risk Management Consultant

  • 2015

    Robert White

    Senior Claims Specialist

  • 2016

    Michelle Higgins

    Sr. Account Manager

  • 2017

    Kramer Sutey

    Accounting Manager

  • 2019

    Priya Kumar


  • 2019

    Jill Plesh

    Vice President Risk Management & Claims

  • 2019

    Stewart Risk

    Account Manager

  • 2019

    Morgann Sherman

    Account Manager

  • 2019

    Michele Taylor

    Account Manager